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It’s been a desire of mine for a while now to see more mindful television.  Watch any given reality TV show lately and you’re bound to see what has led our culture astray and into the depths of human materialism and gluttonous misgivings.  I don’t watch TV much anymore, but I do, occasionally, get sucked into the temptation at times and always feel the proverbial “TV hangover.” I feel I lose brain cells by the second and realize my life has not been enhanced in the time I have spent “vegging” out.

iAmSoulMama TV is my attempt to be the change I’d like to see.  I have no television background. It’s just me with a camera and tripod, the hubs (husband) on the backend doing the editing, sometimes my kids helping out behind the scenes (or running THROUGH the scenes), and a dream to travel the world bringing audiences the people, places and experiences that enhance our life and make us more mindful human creatures.

As is the Soul Mama way, I have a dream, and I’m taking a step.  The episodes below are a small step forward in a rather large vision.  I hope you enjoy them and please if you do, please subscribe below!

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Soul Mamas

Something happened on the way to taking my boys to school today, and it inspired me to create this Modern Zen episode. There is a certain “light” that Soul Mamas have when they go about their day. They get noticed. They attract attention and in a way that... read more

Soul Project in Laguna Beach Becomes a Soul Place

I have been looking for a soulful place to host our iAmSoulMama events. I knew I had to go to Laguna Beach because Laguna is a place that makes me feel alive…it awakens my soul. When I walked into the Soul Project in Laguna Beach, I knew this was the place I had... read more

Learn How to Use Your Intuition

There are two tools that you can use to learn how to use your intuition. The first is meditation…a must. If you want to know how to use your intuition, the second is the one I am sharing with you in today’s episode of “Life Reinvented.” For me... read more

How to Use Your Intuition – VidetteV TV

OK, ladies…what’s your take on intuition? Is it something you really GET, or is it something you intellectually know, but not sure what to do with it? The truth is, busy women MUST be in tuned with their intuitive gifts in order to take care of themselves,... read more

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