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What We Do And How We Do It


IAmSoulMama is an incubator of mindfulness.

We are a community of women sharing what is RIGHT in the world. We are raising our awareness to the every day adventures that often get lost in the daily responsibilities of the modern-day woman.

Turn on the news, and the world seems like a dangerous, war-infested, chaotic mess. Look into the lives of many, and you see stress, anxiety, unfulfilled hearts, disease, exhaustion, depression, and the “I’m just so busy” syndrome.

When we raise our awareness through mindfulness of the beauty of daily life, we start to notice something very different about the world. We notice the adventures that are gifted to us in every day life. We notice the beauty all around. We notice the kind gestures of humans we observe around us. We notice the abundance of life, money, joy, and creativity. We appreciate the creativity of others more.

Life begins to be a very different experience. 

As a community, we share what’s RIGHT in our world by posting on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram with #SoulMama and spreading life’s optimism.


Each moment of our lives carries one choice in perception.

Do I choose to perceive fear or do I choose do perceive love?

Soul Mama’s choose to perceive love in every minute. 

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Global, online mindfulness programs to teach & connect worldwide.

respite from the chaotic, modern world.

Monthly groups to converse, connect and grow.

Private hypnotherapy soul sessions with Vidette.

Mindfulness immersion with retreats & workshops.

TV for the Soul Without the TV “Hangover.”

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Soul Mamas are…

An endangered species. Women slowly withering in a world of stress, busy schedules, lack of intuition and creativity, losing the essence of who they are, Soul Mamas. Soul Mamas are…not always mothers, but women who “birth” a deeper part of themselves often. They are creative, intuitive, and genuine. They love adventure and make friends wherever they go. They don’t crave attention, but attract it anyway. There is just “something about them.”  They are unafraid to create from their soul and don’t have an ounce of guilt for taking time for themselves. They explore their creative genius within and allow it to guide them…

…with joy to find the “thing” that they are here to do. They follow the thread of joy daily, and as a result, uncover a little more, each day, of who they truly are. They bring their genius to the world a little at a time to help change it in their own way. They are unapologetic about being SELF-ish, and commit to taking time for themselves daily. By doing so, you may recognize them as being the women who do it all without one look of stress on their face. They laugh often. They play often. They adventure often. They dare to live out of the ordinary and “surf” the waves of life with an epic tale to tell. Together, we reawaken Soul Mamas globally. Why? Because, We are  Soul Mamas

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