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IAmSoulMama is the leading place to come online for information on creating a lifestyle of mind, body, soul balance for busy moms in the modern world.

MBS Sweet Spot

With expert interviews, resources, programs, services, e-books, meditations, and a lot more, our Online Wellness Center provides all the benefits of your local wellness center, but we’re bringing it to YOU!

We are an exclusive community of moms creating epic lives by paying attention to the trifecta of soulful living – mind/body/soul balance. 

We live in the sweet spot of life.

That place where our thoughts, beliefs, physical & emotional wellness come together to create an up-leveled experience of life.

Look into the lives of many moms, and you see stress, anxiety, unfulfilled hearts, disease, exhaustion, depression, and the “I’m just so busy” epidemic. Ask a mom how she is doing and, most often, you hear, “(Big sigh…), good. I’m just so busy!”

This is not living in the sweet spot of life.

Unfortunately, most moms don’t understand that this is abnormal. They treat themselves to a quick massage or a day at the spa, but what they don’t realize, is that the this deep-seated feeling of stress and busyness will not go away without a different level of self-care.

That level of self-care is available right here at the iASM Online Wellness Center.

Think about it, according to, the average gym membership costs $55 per MONTH. What most people don’t understand is that physical health alone is INcomplete wellness.

Without a daily “workout” for your mind and soul, your life will never reach the point of maximum potential.

As an Inner Circle member of our Online Wellness Center, and for the ridiculously low price of only $44 per YEAR, (that’s less than $5/month), you IASM Inner Circlewill be “working out” the inner you.

Challenging your beliefs, clearing your emotional energy, learning new principles to improve your daily life experience, rediscovering your creativity, learning healthy and natural lifestyle tips, and so. much. more.

This then gives us the power to reach the sweet spot of living; the Soul Mama lifestyle!

When we learn how to live in the sweet spot of life, we start to notice something very different about the world. We notice the adventures that are gifted to us in every day life. We notice the beauty all around. We notice the kind gestures of humans we observe around us. We notice the abundance of life, money, joy, and creativity showing up in our lives.

Life begins to be a very different experience. 

You begin to notice the sweet spot and start to live in the epic flow of life…and our kids watch us do just that!

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How We Teach You to Find the Sweet Spot:

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Online Wellness Center:


Global. On-demand. Integrated Wellness. Natural Health. Holistic Lifestyle. All in One Place.

For the mom who doesn’t have time to visit her local wellness center.

Our OWC is an on-demand storehouse for all things wellness. Visit the Center for free access to e-books, meditations, recipes, expert interviews and more!

Learn about natural health practices that reduce stress, expand life experience, and truly assist you in living a more adventurous and fulfilled life…

Purchasing a membership to the IASM Online Wellness Center makes you an Inner Circle member. IC members are dedicated to raising their awareness, elevating their life experience and learning from the world’s best experts on creating mind, body, soul balance in their life.

Start “working out” the INNER you by becoming a member of our Online Wellness Center.

…A place to experience the Soul Mama Lifestyle!

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Energy Clearing

energy clearing

When you are clear of emotional blocks that have been trapped in your body for sometimes a lifetime, you are ready to be a magnet for everything you want in life.

Vidette’s Energy Clearing Sessions are an opportunity to identify what is unconsciously holding you back, release those blocks, and open yourself up to receive your highest and best good in life!

Declutter your energy, raise your level of energetic vibration, and be at the energetic vibration to attract the people, opportunities, and synchronicities to bring your greatest desires into reality.

During your treatment, you will learn tools to use every, single day that will allow you to stay energetically cleared and in alignment with everything you want!

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Weekly LIVE Wellness Hangouts

Hangout Thumbnail

Each week, I host LIVE Wellness Center Hangouts where we explore all topics of health, wellness, natural medicine, and all things creating the Soul Mama lifestyle.

With weekly guest experts, experiential practices, and a collective consciousness of women who desire to live a more expansive, soulful “norm” in life, these LIVE Hangouts are creating a magnetic surge of energy that radiates throughout the world!

Are guests are bringing gifts and programs, as well, for our Inner Circle members, which are available in the OWC.

Each hangout is available for FREE while LIVE, then will be archived in our Online Wellness Center for members to access, on-demand, at any time!

Coming together as a group on these weekly hangouts brings the energy of our conscious collectiveness to the world. Not only are we gaining new lifestyle wisdom, but we’re also bringing our energies together to create a shift in our world. Pretty powerful. 

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VIP Soul Days

VIP Soul Day

Vision. Insight. Power.

For high-end clients who desire a powerful day to soul-search, eliminate blocks that hold them back and lay out a finely detailed blueprint for your life, the VIP Soul Day takes an intensive deep dive into YOU.

This day is for you if you are feeling stuck in your life and have a deep inner knowing that there is more for you, but unsure of what that means. If you feel like you want to make a quantum leap into more fulfillment, more joy, more adventure, and more awesomeness in your life.

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Get your ANNUAL Membership today for only $44/year!

BEST DEAL: Only $3.66/month

Join as ANNUAL Member
Or, join as a MONTHLY Member for $4.44/month.

Let’s Get Social:

Soul Mamas are…

An endangered species. Moms in the modern world are slowly withering in a world of stress, busy schedules, lack of intuition and creativity, losing the essence of who they are within, Soul Mamas.

Soul Mamas are… are creative, intuitive, and genuine. They love adventure and make friends wherever they go. They don’t crave attention, but attract it anyway. There is just “something about them.”  

They are unafraid to create from their soul and don’t have an ounce of guilt for taking time for themselves. They explore their creative genius within and allow it to guide them with joy to find the “thing” that they are here to do.

They follow the thread of joy daily, and as a result, uncover a little more, each day, of who they truly are. They bring their genius to the world a little at a time to help change it in their own way.

They are unapologetic about being SELF-ish, and commit to taking time for themselves daily. By doing so, you may recognize them as being the women who do it all without one look of stress on their face.

They laugh often. They play often. They adventure often.

They dare to live out of the ordinary and “surf” the waves of life with an epic tale to tell…all this while raising and teaching the next generation of conscious kids to live from the soul and outside the paradigm of the modern world. 

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