Transforming "Life as Usual" for Modern-Day Moms.

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Transcending “life as usual.”

Falling in to bed at night feeling fulfilled, creatively expressed, and expansive; all while fulfilling the daily responsibilities of the modern world…

There are different evolutionary archetypes of Soul Mamas. Those who are lost in the normal patterns of modern-day life, and those who transcend this “life as usual” paradigm and truly live an expansive, adventurous, and purposeful life!

That’s the goal of iAmSoulMama: to transcend to a level of living where miracles happen often, creative souls are nurtured, and life is truly…happy.

What Kind of Soul Mama Are You?

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Answer these 10 questions and receive an 8-13 page Intuitive, Archetype Guidebook that is all about YOU!

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*Your greatest strength  

*Your greatest challenge  

*Inspired activity to instill inner growth  

*Signs from the Universe to look for

Everything you need to know about yourself to bloom fully into the visionary Soul Mama woman you are!


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What We Do...

We Transform Stress into Expansive Expression of Self.

We believe that every mom deserves to feel fulfilled, expansive and creative. We teach timeless tools that transform stress into purpose and design experiences that ground women into the feeling of this new lifestyle.

We Rediscover the Lost Gifts of Imagination, Intuition, and Our Emotional Compass.

 With creative experiences, rediscover the feminine gifts that are often forgotten in the blur of activities that has become modern life. Once this occurs, our clients transform the feeling of daily life.

We Use Tools, Environment, and Experiences to Nurture Your Soul.

We understand that moms are busy. With that in mind, we have strategically designed ways to make this transformative lifestyle easy to attain. With an on-demand, Online Wellness Center, you have access to timeless tools for transformation at any time.

We design our workshops to feel like mini-retreats. In only a few  hours, you will be rejuvenated, up-leveled, and on your way to a redesigned version of your life.

Once you transform your daily life, full-length, weekly retreats will be realistically possible. We take you to exotic locations to further develop your life by design.

A Little More on Our Tools:

Online Wellness Center:

On-demand wellness, personal growth and tools for transformation. Classes, programs, & resources all in one spot. For less than a monthly gym membership, you will gain access to tools delivering a daily “workout” for your mind and soul.

Retreats & Workshops

Experiential events that “shake up” what you thought was possible in your life. With a retreat-style feel, Vidette teaches an innovative and practical method that modernizes ancient practices. This method allows clients to step into the realm of possibilities where their greatest dreams exist.

2016 U.S. Tour

Taking the Soul Mama movement on the road, the “Retreat & a Rig” tour will bring mini-retreats to 35 cities nationwide. Modeling “adventure with a purpose,” this tour will inspire you to think about” life as usual. Vote on our itinerary and help us decide where to go!

Soul Sisters

The “sister” program to iAmSoulMama is a program designed for middle-school-aged girls. These mother/daughter, one-day retreats instill creativity, personal power, and tapping the inner “shero” in the young women of our future generation.

Let's Get Social:

Soul Mamas are…

An endangered species. Moms in the modern world are slowly withering in a world of stress, busy schedules, lack of intuition and creativity, losing the essence of who they are within, Soul Mamas. Soul Mamas are… are creative, intuitive, and genuine. They love adventure and make friends wherever they go. They don’t crave attention, but attract it anyway. There is just “something about them.”   They are unafraid to create from their soul and don’t have an ounce of guilt for taking time for themselves. They explore their creative genius within and allow it to guide them with joy to find the “thing” that they are here to do.

They follow the thread of joy daily, and as a result, uncover a little more, each day, of who they truly are. They bring their genius to the world a little at a time to help change it in their own way. They are unapologetic about being SELF-ish, and commit to taking time for themselves daily. By doing so, you may recognize them as being the women who do it all without one look of stress on their face. They laugh often. They play often. They adventure often. They dare to live out of the ordinary and “surf” the waves of life with an epic tale to tell…all this while raising and teaching the next generation of conscious kids to live from the soul and outside the paradigm of the modern world. 

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