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Meet Vidette:

Vidette Vanderweide is the author of "S.O.U.L. Mama - Seeing Only an Unlimited Life," founder of and the Soul Mama Circle Online Wellness Library. She is fiercely dedicated to helping modern-day women stay committed to their soul's desire while living in the modern world with simple, yet powerful, daily spiritual practices. 

Her flagship course, the "Merging of the Minds" Masterclass introduces seekers to the TWO minds that are always operating in human life, and why symptoms like stress, overwhelm, anxiety and unfulfilled lives are guideposts to these two minds being out of alignment. 

Vidette is trained as a licensed, clinical hypnotherapist, a certified Creativity coach, a prayer chaplain, and spiritual teacher. She is a student of the metaphysical text, "A Course in Miracles," and is a naturally gifted intuitive helping her members, clients and audience members truly align spiritual living in an advanced,  modern world. 

An award-winning public speaker, Vidette delivers lectures and facilitates retreats and workshops in an immersive, experiential format for participants. She has been described as, "witty," "humorous," "down to Earth," and "extremely vulnerable" in sharing her own spiritual journey.

As a mom, entrepreneur, and total life adventurer, Vidette understands what it's like to be a spiritual journeyer living in a modern world. 

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