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I'm a mom, entrepreneur, adventurer, and life enthusiast...but, I wasn't always all of those. 

After struggling through all the "normal" achievements of life, I found myself disillusioned with the unfulfilled feelings that came with living in modern-day life. 

I had the "good job," two healthy baby boys, the house, the car, some killer shoes and purses, but I found myself so empty on the inside. 

That emptiness led me to close down emotionally, go through the motions of life, create a hectic schedule for myself; just so I could numb the feeling of the unfulfilled emptiness within.

That "worked" until one day I broke down in my car.  I cried. You know, that messy, ugly cry, and felt so ashamed, sad, and guilty for all the unhappiness I felt when in fact, on "paper," everything looked fine in my life. I knew something needed to change, or I would wither away the rest of my life.

Since that day over eight years ago, I have travelled a path that has greatly affected my life. It gave me fulfillment and purpose...and ultimately, I started living a life that actually MATTERED to me...and my soul.

I found a spiritual path that is more about a lifestyle of peace rather than any specific religion. To this day, I continue to attend classes that elevate and transform my own spiritual understanding of life.

I became a licensed hypnotherapist and behavioral counselor because I became fascinated with my own patterns and behaviors, and realized the affect positive suggestions for change could have in my own life. Now, I bring these reframing and up-leveling of habits and behaviors to my clients every day.

I wear several "hats" each day. I am a mom, a business-owner, and a student of life. I understand what it's like to juggle a lot, and yet, how to live a lifestyle of peace, happiness, and joy in a busy world that is capable of stripping all of that away. 

I have learned that the "busyness syndrome" is NO badge of honor. Transcending it, however, requires us to go against the grain of popular beliefs, and truly adopt new thinking, new practices, and new ideas that light a fire in our bellies! When is the last time you had a "fire" of passion in your belly?!

This work gives me purpose. It fills my heart and soul beyond what I can put into words. It puts a fire in MY belly, and I want to inspire more modern-day women to achieve these same passions for life again!

iAmSoulMama Services & Offerings:

Soul Lab Podcast

Escaping the "symptoms" of modern-day life start with experimenting with simple changes of habits, behaviors and thinking during your day.

Pulling from every day experiences of a busy life, Vidette offers new perspectives of how to change the affects our daily responsibilities often have on us.

How to move the affects from stress, anxiety, overwhelmed feelings, fatigue, and the "busyness syndrome" to that of growth, joy, and TRUE happiness. 

Each episode includes actionable steps that listeners can implement that same day to live an elevated experience of life. 

Subscribers also get FREE access to the Soul Mama Circle Online Wellness Vault and the exclusive, "Merging of the Minds" Masterclass.

Soul Mama Circle Online Wellness Library

Creating a lifestyle that matters to the soul; one with intention, fulfillment, creativity and happiness is not hard to do.

It's actually very simple.

Why then, do so many modern-day women suffer from the "busyness syndrome" and assume that stress, long to-do lists, and emotional discomfort are "normal"?

Because most people have been taught that this is "how life is."

We've learned and repeated the thinking, the habits, and logical  behaviors that have been lived for generations, and it's been engrained in us that "life is hard."

In order to experience life differently, we must change everything we know about life, how we live it, how we navigate decisions, and how we behave in it.

Doing this is simple...if you understand how to let go of the old-way of thinking, adopt a new way, and align this new thinking with the larger Mind that has a plan for your purpose.

This is what we do in the SMC. 

We are teaching ideas, practices, and principles that open our members up to new perspectives, new possibilities and an intellectual understanding of why  we do what we do...

...and how we can change what we do to behaviors that are more fulfilling and meaningful!

The SMC Wellness vault includes masterclasses, meditations, e-books, emotional and spiritual wellness coaching, Soul Mama Circles, and much more!

Everything you need to up-level habits, behaviors, and patterns to create a more meaningful lifestyle in the modern world. 

Workshops that Feel Like Retreats

IAmSoulMama is an incubator of immersive experiences to awaken the Soul Mama within; a woman of infinite potential choosing her greatest experience of life.

Integrating ancient wisdom with the daily responsibilities of the modern-day lifestyle, we can realistically live a nurturing and fulfilling life!

But how do we learn how to live like this? 

By experiencing it. 

By immersing ourselves in it; outside of our daily environment, and feeling the transformation that takes place with simple, ancient, and yet, very powerful tools. 

By bringing together this ancient “technology of mind” tools, our immersive workshop experiences create the great, expansive shifts that will happen in life when these “tools” become a lifestyle.

With expansive shifts of the mind, comes greater joy in the heart, which expands life experiences,  

Life begins to feel very different.

FREE Masterclass

REVEALED: Why the majority of modern-day women are suffering more than ever from stress, anxiety, unfulfilled feelings and the "busyness syndrome...." 

What we know about human behavior is that our MIND is more powerful than we may think.
What is unknown to most is that there are TWO minds at work for YOU in order to live your highest potential.

If you suffer from any of the emotions above, you are NOT utilizing these two minds!

This "unknowing" is an epidemic in our modern world, however, when we align these two minds, we experience more fulfillment, creative-expression, peace, and true happiness!

In this VIDEO MASTERCLASS, you will learn:

* About the TWO minds of humans and how to align them to experience more joy, TRUE happiness and purpose in life. 
* The #1 thing that will undoubtedly sabotage your highest potential. HINT: Every time you say, "I don't have time," you're doing it. 
* How to live a more expanded experience of life. 
* How to move into a more purposeful daily lifestyle that will eliminate the need for more "to-do" lists and elevate growth, expansion, and adventure in your life!

Lifestyle Coaching

Personal and private lifestyle coaching with Vidette is like...a breath of fresh air.

It's knowing you are not alone in feeling that there must be more to life than living the hectic busyness of modern-day life.

It's understanding that you cannot escape modern-day life, but a realization that there must be a different way. 

It's recognizing that your soul is desiring more...more peace, more fulfillment, more belly laughs....simply, more happiness!

Creating a new, spiritually-fed lifestyle isn't about uprooting your entire life to live in isolation.

It's about exploring new, and personal, ways to "walk through the crazy" of life with more meaning, purpose, and happiness. 

Working with Vidette will open up a whole new perspective of who you are, who you are destined to be, and how you can elevate your experience of life...all while navigating through your current life!

On a Personal Note...

Hi, my name is Vidette Vanderweide. 

I am stoked our paths have crossed. 

I believe there are no coincidences, and I believe we "stumble" across things when we need them. I know I have always been led by my soul to what I needed, when I needed it, in order to continually experience a greater evolution of my life. 

I've been through some intense and heavy stuff in my adult life. Believe-you-me, I wouldn't want to repeat any of it, however, in order to navigate these darker times, I had to turn to practices that helped me "bob" over the wavy, hot mess that was my life at times, so I wouldn't suffocate under the weight of it all. (ever feel like that?)

In hindsight, I can identify how that path took me to the mentors, to the coaches, and resources I needed to grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally through all of it.

I actually like the woman who stares back at me in the mirror now. I have respect for her. I enjoy the compassion she holds for herself now, and I love the mom she has become for her two boys.

I often give her a smile and a wink and say, "We're doin' good, Soul Mama!"

All of this, because I could no longer live from the outer world, but learned how to connect and listen to my own inner world, where true purpose lives. 

I attempt to live my SOUL's desire each day. Not the world's idea, my family's idea, or my mind's idea of what my life should be; just a good 'ole peaceful way of life...and I believe I do a good job of it....(even on Costco runs! :) 

That's not always easy, but with the principles, practices and profession I have chosen to live, I navigate life from a deeper, more meaningful place and this place has delivered the only experience of life I want to live.

It feels so good, so natural that I want to share what I have learned to help others who sometimes sit and say, "How'd I get here? Is THIS it?"

My desire is to help women globally up-level that to, "I can't believe THIS is my life!"

If you've landed here at iAmSoulMama, my belief is that it is no accident.

Explore a bit. Experiment with a new way of life with me. 

Join me in a lifestyle that you, your family, the world, and most importantly, to your soul!
Emotional & Spiritual Wellness. Lifestyle Coaching.


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